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Rep. Fudge Statement on Balanced Budget Amendment


WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) issued the following statement after a Republican balanced budget constitutional amendment proposal failed to pass:

“Today’s proposed constitutional amendment recklessly disregards the needs of millions of Americans, and would have done nothing to balance the Federal budget. That is why I voted against the Balanced Budget Amendment. In December, Republicans passed almost $2 trillion in unfunded tax cuts for the wealthy and today proposed we pay for it on the backs of our children and seniors.”  

“The Republican Amendment would have resulted in drastic funding cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, veterans’ benefits and health care.  It would have reduced the budget by at least 20%, threatening State resources for education and other vital State programs. Once again, the Republicans have shown their priorities, and they are not the priorities of the American people.”