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Fudge: USDA Ignores Need, Will Crack Down on SNAP Work Rules Anyway

WASHINGTON –Following the U.S. Department of Agriculture appeal yesterday of the nationwide stay on its rule to impose additional work requirements on certain recipients of benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), House Agriculture Subcommittee on Nutrition, Oversight, and Department Operations Chair Marcia L. Fudge of Ohio released a statement calling on USDA to abandon its appeal:

“Secretary Perdue and his officials at USDA continue to show their true colors when it comes to our nation’s hungry.  The nation’s unemployment percentage has seen its worst spike since the Great Depression.  Jobless claims are up over 30 million.  The lines at food banks have never been longer.  And by any reputable account the worst is yet to come.  The warning lights are flashing across our economy, and while USDA can see the same need we all do, they’re ignoring it.  The Administration has decided that now—amid the most pervasive need in a century—is a great time to crack down on Americans who rely on food stamps to keep their families from going hungry.  Congress is investing more in this program so that we can meet the challenge before us.  Meanwhile, USDA continues to erode that effort through its cruel pursuit of unrealistic policy.  If they had any decency or compassion, they would abandon this appeal immediately.”