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Fudge: Ohio House Republican Bill Disenfranchises Voters

WASHINGTON –Rep. Marcia L. Fudge condemned state legislation following the passage of HB 680.  

“I am appalled.  Even after we saw massive disenfranchisement during our primary election – with many Ohioans who were unable to cast their mail-in ballot because they did not receive it in time or at all – Republicans in the Ohio State House moved forward with legislation, even after amended, that will make it harder and less safe to vote this November,” said Rep. Fudge.  “They’re instituting a de facto poll tax for people who can’t vote in person because of health concerns by preventing prepaid postage on absentee ballots and applications.  It’s obvious what they’re doing – Ohio Republicans are trying to create a dangerous and chaotic election process that disenfranchises Ohio voters.”

In contrast to the Ohio GOP, Ohio Senate Democrats have announced legislation that would make it more convenient for Ohioans to vote by mail, which is critical for keeping Ohioans safe during the coronavirus crisis.  This bill would also protect current state law that locks in a maximum ratio of voters per voting machine.  Ohio House Democrats have also offered a proposal to ensure this November’s election is safe and accessible for all eligible Ohioans.