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Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge Statement on the State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON– Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) issued the following statement after President Trump’s State of the Union address this evening:

“I chose to attend tonight’s State of the Union because I am a patriot and I respect the Office of the Presidency.  I was proud to join my Democratic colleagues tonight in standing in solidarity with people of color, women, immigrants, sexual harassment survivors and other marginalized communities.

“Tonight, President Trump attempted to address the nation on his infrastructure and immigration plans.  These shallow plans do not negate the President’s irrational behavior, divisive rhetoric, and destructive policies that have negatively impacted low and middle income families and communities of color.  What we have seen tonight, and throughout his first year in office, is a lack of leadership and hallow promises.

“Despite the President’s claims, almost all of the gains we’ve seen in America’s economy are a result of the eight years of economic progress made under President Obama.  Trump promised to be a president of the people, but the only beneficiaries of his tax cut bill are the wealthiest and large corporations.  He has also actively undermined Americans’ health care and civil rights.

“Our country is at a crossroads.  President Trump and my Republican colleagues must decide if they are going to govern or allow American families to suffer.  The President should work with Congress on bipartisan solutions that address income inequality and pass a long-term funding measure that benefits hardworking families.  We must fund our Community Health Centers so tens of millions of Americans have a place to access basic health care, address the pension crisis facing retirees, protect DREAMers and thousands of other immigrants from deportation, and pass the critical disaster relief package.

“I encourage President Trump and Congressional Republicans to work with Democrats to address the needs of the American people.”