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WASHINGTON, DC-- Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) made this statement in reference to H.R. 3630, the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011.

"This legislation only furthers the agenda of House Republicans: to eliminate the deficit at any cost, including at the expense of our most vulnerable, while adversely impacting our economic recovery."

"This bill slashes Unemployment Insurance by 40 weeks in the hardest hit states, including Ohio.  If signed into law, beneficiaries without a high school degree would be denied insurance, unless they use the benefits to pay for getting their GED.  The bill also allows states to force recipients to take drug tests."

"At a time when millions of Americans are struggling, some in Congress are considering leaving unemployed Americans to fend for themselves.  And those members of Congress forget that every dollar of unemployment payments generates up to one dollar and ninety cents in economic growth." 

"The bill cuts billions in funding from the Prevention and Public Health Fund despite the fact that prevention has been proven to save lives and reduce Medicare and Medicaid costs.  The legislation also cuts over $21 billion from Medicare provider rates, over 50 percent of which fall solely on hospitals, but refuses to ask 300,000 of the wealthiest Americans to pay one cent more in taxes."

"We should not leave Washington until we have passed an extension of the payroll tax cut for 160 million middle class workers and Unemployment Insurance for millions of struggling Americans." 

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