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    • Regrettably, I am unable to reply to any email from constituents outside of the district.

    Why don't you have a regular email address?

    The Office of Web Assistance in the House of Representatives designed the Write Your Rep email system to improve communications between constituents and their representatives.

    • Allows constituents to find their Member of Congress simply by filling in their Zip Code.
    • Directs the message to the appropriate representative, allowing each Member of Congress to serve his or her own constituents.
    • Reduces the heavy burden placed on the House mail servers by the high volume of emails sent to Congressional offices every day. (Nearly 117 million emails in 2001)

    However, I also understand that there are limitations to the current system. I know that this may be inconvenient at the moment, but as you know this is a new and evolving technology which our technicians are constantly working to improve. Until then, I appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to develop this new technology.