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Hospitals & Health Care Workers

The nurses, doctors, and health care workers fighting coronavirus on the front lines deserve our utmost gratitude for caring for our family, friends and neighbors.  We owe them more than a "Thank you" - we owe them our lives.  Our health care workers need resources to continue to treat patients and protect themselves.
The CARES Act includes a $200 billion investment in hospitals, health systems, and health research. This includes funding to address and prevent shortages in medical supplies, including personal protective equipment for health care workers, ventilators, and testing supplies, as well as resources for new construction to house patients. It also includes increases in Medicare payments to all hospitals and providers to get them the resources they need during this crisis and additional investments into COVID-19 research.
The bill also establishes and invests $150 billion in the Coronavirus Relief Fund, a program to give states and localities the resources they desperately need during this emergency. Ohio is expected to receive $4.5 billion in this funding for new and necessary expenses being incurred in the fight against COVID-19.
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