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Help With A Federal Agency

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the maze of the federal government.  My office can serve as a liaison between you and a federal agency, such as the Social Security Administration (SSA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Veterans Administration (VA).

The role of my office when assisting constituents is to make inquiries on your behalf regarding your situation. This includes finding out the status of a case, requesting additional information and requesting an expedited response or decision.

While my office can make inquiries on your behalf, we cannot guarantee a positive outcome in all situations.  It is important to note that my office does not have any decision-making authority, and the respective agencies have complete discretion concerning decisions in individual cases.

How to Obtain Assistance From My Office

1. Determine if you reside in Ohio's 11th Congressional District

Congressional courtesy, ethics rules and propriety dictate that each Member of Congress has the honor and responsibility to serve his or her own constituents.  If you are not sure which Congressional district you live in, please visit the House of Representatives website to find your representative.

2. Determine if your issue is under the jurisdiction of a federal agency

If you are uncertain, please call 216-522-4900 and a member of my staff will be happy to assist you.  If your particular issue does not fall under the jurisdiction of a federal agency, my staff will try to direct you to the appropriate non-federal agency or resources that may be helpful.

3. Fill out a casework privacy release form

Before my staff can advocate on your behalf, we need your permission. Click here to download a casework privacy release form.